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The SoulCare Academy offers an invitation to engage in courses intended to cultivate mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wholeness. Our goal is to provide tools and resources that help you create a life of meaning and purpose as you unlearn and relearn holistic ways to heal and grow through life’s experiences.

Together let’s explore: 

Love & Marriage

Grief & Loss

Spiritual Formation & Development

Core Beliefs about Money

Inner Healing & Recovery

Clinical Mental Health Services


Meet our instructors.

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15 Minutes of Grace

This is an opportunity to create a sacred space in your day where you are not judged, condemned or compared to anyone else. The 15 Minutes of Grace Challenge is an invitation to engage in the practice of Soulful Silence for seven consecutive days, with the hope that it will become a lifestyle. It is a practice. It takes practice. The steps are simple, but the process isn’t easy. I am committed to being right here with you so that you don’t have to do it alone. 


Soul Care vs. Self Care

Together we will go through the meaning of both soul care and self-care so that you can build a life you love filled with joy, high self-esteem, and inner peace.

Thank you

for your love

"More! More! Thank you for this opportunity to stay connected at a pace that works for me and with the amazing support you offer. I can’t wait for the next course."

Stephanie Fleming

"Very engaging! The content was presented in an authentic, and user-friendly manner. I really like the fact that you created space via this class to share the BIG difference between the two. This was impactful, effective, and bathe in could tell. Thank you.

"This was everything that I needed in this season of my life. I am so looking forward to the next course. Relevant, and provided clarity on so many levels."

Miranda Pyne

Regina Harris

Let's grow together.

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